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  • Welcome to Northwind's Management Hub!

    As part of upper management, you will find that much of this site has been designed to be as easy to navigate through as much as possible. Each tab above will take you to the section that you wish to address. For each section, there will be a menu of links that show what tasks are available for that particular section. Simply click on the link for the task you need to do. Below are summaries for each tab:


    This tab contains announcements entered by anyone in upper management, including important messages from headquarters. If important messages need to be circulated amongst upper management, this would be the place to address them. You should be able to view recent and past announcements, add new ones and update existing announcements. Announcements can be printed from this section. Announcements may not be deleted and will post immediately upon submission of new or updated announcements.


    In this section, all tasks pertaining to employees will be addressed under this tab. You should be able to add employees, update existing records, search and view records and perform termination procedures. Records cannot be deleted. Records may only be printed in the Reports section.


    All tasks pertaining to orders will be addressed under this tab. Recent, pending and completed orders may be viewed. There is a search engine for orders, and orders may be updated as well. Orders may be cancelled, but their records cannot be deleted. Orders may only be printed from the Reports section.


    All tasks pertaining to inventory items will be addressed under this tab. This area can list all items in-stock, fully stocked items, and items that are below stock. This area can search the inventory database and order new items as needed. Inventory lists may be printed in the Reports section.


    All reports and lists should be printed from this tab. Bulk print requests and single print requests can be retrieved and executed from this section.